Here is a press release for the Center for Healthy Church for which I am a contract coach.

Press Release

June 18, 2014

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and the Center for Healthy Churches (CHC) are announcing a new collaborative partnership between the two organizations.

According to Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator of CBFNC, “This announcement simply acknowledges what has already been taking place for months. Since the Center was launched, it has been a great resource for the churches of our fellowship. CBFNC is blessed with numerous wonderful partners dedicated to nurturing healthy congregations and we are delighted to refer the Center to those that need their services.”

Bill Wilson, Director of The Center for Healthy Churches, notes that the Center and CBFNC share many of the same core values and commitments to congregational and clergy health. “When I think about denominational bodies that are taking seriously the challenges and opportunities facing churches, CBFNC stands out for their innovative spirit, vision, and courage. I believe we can help our churches embrace the future as an opportunity to see what God can do in difficult circumstances. It takes humility, hope, and great faith to do that, and CBFNC is leading the way forward in that spirit.”

Through this partnership Wilson, along with his network of consultants, are making available to CBFNC congregations and clergy an array of services at reduced and affordable prices. The Center offers guidance for congregational visioning, ministerial transitions, conflict resolution, leadership education and coaching, staff relationships and performance, and other services as needed. Some of the Center’s North Carolina network members include Natalie Aho, Chris Aho, Steve Scoggin, Terri Springer, Jayne Davis, and Mike Queen.

Wilson noted, “The Center has inherited a great legacy of congregational wisdom, and has pulled together some of the brightest minds and best practitioners of ministry to lean into the opportunities before us. Working alongside gifted people like Larry Hovis, Ka’thy Chappell, Rick Jordan, Jack Causey, Eddie Hammett, Linda Jones, Wanda Kidd, and the other members of the staff is a win-win for us all.”

In recent months, Wilson has been working closely with the CBFNC’s Regional Transition Facilitators, led by Jack Causey, as they have sought to offer relevant and high quality help to congregations facing a transition from one minister to another. Causey stated, “We are excited about a new philosophy and method for coaching a congregation through that critical time that is timely and that focuses in on critical issues. These facilitators are on the cutting edge of what is going to be a huge help to congregations in transition.”

The son of a North Carolina Baptist pastor, and now the father of a young minister, Wilson says that congregational life remains his high calling. “Others may have given up on the local church, but not me and not our Center. We believe the spiritual, emotional and organizational health of congregations and clergy is foundational to bringing God’s Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. I look forward to discovering what God is up to with our two organizations.”

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