Asking the Right Questions

As a coach, I am invested in the breakthroughs and productive outcomes the client accomplishes.  I want my clients to be successful.  But a client’s accomplishments do not originate with the coach. The journey and the success belong to the client.  What are the right questions so clients can begin to get unstuck from the mire of confusion, frustration, and failure? Here are a few:

1.     What will your life look like in three, six, nine and twelve months if you invest in a coaching relationship?

2.     What needs to be different in your life because of coaching?

3.     What story can you tell me about why you are seeking a coach?

4.     What do you think will be different in your life if you achieve your goals?

Coaching is about asking the right questions so clients can find the creative possibilities within them to emerge from their challenges, move forward, and thrive.

I do know, one of the most important questions you need to be asking is, “Should I have a coach?” If that is your question, then I think you already know the answer.